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Software Development - Audit Software (ADL/Track)

Industry: Professional Services (consulting)
For Arthur D. Little, Inc., conceptualized, designed, created, and managed ADL/Track, Arthur D. Little's audit, finding, and corrective action management tool. This relational database system enables auditors to perform virtually any type of audit in the field, track audit results, generate audit reports, analyze audit findings, develop and track corrective action plans, and develop and track compliance deadlines. Using ADL/Track, users are able to manage the text of audits and findings with the ease of a word-processor, while generating cross-audit analyses with the power of a database system. The software, which is designed to work across facilities and locations, allows centrally-stored data to be simultaneously accessed by multiple users and has its own internal security system. ADL/Track is a commercial product of Arthur D. Little, Inc.
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