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Software Development - Operations Management System (OMS)

Industry: Waste Management (landfill)
For a hazardous waste treatment and landfill facility, designed and implemented the Operations Management System (OMS), a comprehensive waste tracking and operations management software system. The system permits real-time tracking of wastes from arrival through storage, processing (including blending/batching operations), restorage, and disposal. Using OMS, the company is able to document and track all material movements within the facility, generate current facility and building inventories, and better schedule incoming shipments. Extensive data, collected as wastes are processed, are accessible through a menu-driven system which permits instant access to reports regarding the status of individual shipments and containers, process operations, productivity analysis, accountability, and compliance status regarding facility operations. Development of the system required extensive involvement of staff throughout all departments at the facility. The system of 40 related databases manages approximately 500,000 records per year. Periodic ongoing efforts include software enhancements and maintenance, which is accomplished by remote access to client's computer systems.
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